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My Family History

I got hooked on genealogy January 1995. I have a small family and nothing is known of my Schlossman side. I began by sending letters to hundreds of Schlossman families listed in a US Telephone CD ROM. This led me to many responses. I followed up the following year and got even more responses. To date I have family histories of hundreds of families. Including Schlosman, Schlozman and several other derivations. I have something on 2000+ Schlossmans. I have been in contact with hundreds of families throughout the world. I have heard some very interesting and entertaining stories.Since beginning my journey I have found that my Schlossman side was from the Podolia region of Russia, now the Ukraine, once Poland. I found this from my grandparents marriage certificate. My grandmother's maiden name was Breitman. The marriage certificate also listed here being from Podolia. For a map of Podolia, click here. You'll have to scroll down a bit.I also have a Roth side from Czestochowa, Poland. Czestochowa is located in the south west of the map.