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History of the Bagel
We believe that in order to truly appreciate your bagel, you must first know of its origin. Read on. Only then can you embrace the bagel as the tasty Circle of Life.

". . .Before another 100 years had elapsed, Poland-Lithuania had virtually ceased to function as a coherent and genuinely independent state. The commonwealth's last martial triumph occurred in 1683 when King Jan Sobieski drove the Turks from the gates of Vienna with a cavalry charge. Poland's important role in aiding the European alliance to roll back the Ottoman Empire was rewarded with territory in western Ukraine by the Treaty of Karlowicz (1699)."

So what does that have to do with bagels? Keep on reading.

". . .The first bagel rolled into the world in 1683 when a baker wanted to pay tribute to Jan Sobieski, the King of Poland. King Jan had just saved the people of Austria from an onslaught of Turkish invaders. The King was a great horseman, and the baker decided to shape the yeast dough into an uneven circle resembling a stirrup. The Austrian word for "Stirrup" is beugel.

So there it is. It all makes sense now. Not only is the bagel a tasty "stirrup" of bread, it is also an icon of freedom. King Jan's courage and strength speak volumes, and the bagel is a noble attempt to capture that spirit in the form of nutrition.

You can carry on that tradition of freedom by being one of the Knights of King Jan. All you have to do is become a Bagelite. Click the bagel below to be counted among the Bagelites.
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