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The purpose of these pages is to compile some of the wonderful web sites devoted to The Bronx. Please join us on the BronxRoots mailing list. There's always something going on in the old neighborhood. I'm hoping to find more people that care to reminisce about the past. While it is primarily devoted to talking about the past, we welcome all people that are truly interested in the past, present and future of The Bronx.

These, like all web pages, are works in progress.
Please let me know of any mistakes or additions that should be added.

Interesting Bronx links
Abandoned Railroad Stations in the Bronx
Archives from The Bronx Press Review
History in Asphalt: The Origin of Bronx Street & Place Names
News from The Bronx

Bronx Roots. A mailing list for anyone who has an interest in the past, present, and future of The Bronx, New York, is looking for old friends, or just wants to reminisce about the old neighborhood. While the list was not set up for genealogy, such queries are an acceptable subject. Hope to see you there!

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